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Yes, it’s that time of year again! Willet Week will be happening again this year! 

First things first: What is Willet Week?

That is an excellent question!

If any of you have been in any fandom, you’ll know (or at least have some vague idea) that shippers often have one week (or sometimes multiple ones throughout the year) dedicated to their favorite pairing.

Willet Week will revolve around the pairing Wilbur Robinson and Violet Parr. 

Albeit the week is happening, there is no set date yet. This event should take place near the end of May, but there are no promises as of now. I did this event last year, and it went well, but I’m sure we can make it even better this year! Especially since there are so many more of you!

To make this week fantastical, I need your help! As you can see above, Willet Week ideas are needed. (Why I wrote idea submissions, I don’t know. Too late to change it now.)

Let me clarify that. In a ship week there are seven days, seven different prompts. I, unfortunately, cannot think of one good one! Therefore, I am open to suggestions!

If you click on this link here, it should send you to a Google Docs form in which you can submit ideas. Rules are specify more on there.

This week is really relying on you guys this year! If any inspiration is needed, feel free to go through this blog and look at last year’s Willet Week ideas. 

I know we can make this week great, but I really need your help to pull this off!

Thank you for all your help! I know we can pull this off!

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